Kris Riley and Tabatha Riley - Founder of Kreekside Construction Group Inc. in Caledonia, Ontario

We wanted to offer a level of service that was lacking in the industry at the time. Therefore, Kreekside was started with a vision to be the best in the business. The goal has always been to establish a brand known for quality, honesty, and integrity. Our reliability wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated staff, each with specific gifts, who work seamlessly together to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Our talented crew includes custom home builders, structural designers, and sub-contractors, all familiar with the building code in Ontario.

Kris Riley- Founder

Our founder, Kris Riley, a Mohawk College graduate, began his journey in construction at 17 as a labourer for a small general contracting company. This opportunity allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge and skills in the industry, including custom home framing with a highly skilled crew.

After several years of working in construction, Kris decided to try something different and became a partner in a business that sold and serviced precision equipment. However, his love for home renovations led him to start a “side” business that quickly gained popularity for building high-quality bathrooms and basements. In 2016, he made the tough decision to leave his partner business and focus on Kreekside Construction Group Inc. full-time.

Tabatha Riley- Partner

Alongside Kris, his wife Tabatha has always significantly influenced his projects. Known as one of the top hair stylists in the area, Tabatha owned and operated a salon for eight years while lending her design expertise to Kris’ projects. After receiving positive client feedback on her eye for detail, Tabatha decided to join Kris in early 2018 and enroll in the Canadian Design Institute to further improve her design skills.

To provide the best quality service known in the industry. Every client project is treated as if it were for our family. Attention to detail, integrity, and quality craftsmanship are in our blood, and we will not rest until perfection is achieved.

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