The dream of owning a home in Ontario often comes with a crucial decision: should you go for a custom-built home or choose an existing survey home? Each option has its pros and cons. At Kreekside Construction Group Inc., we understand the importance of this decision. In this blog, we'll compare custom homes and survey homes to help you make an informed choice.


Custom Home: Tailored to Your Preferences

Custom homes offer the advantage of being designed and built according to your exact specifications. You have control over every detail, from layout to finishes. This ensures your home is a perfect reflection of your lifestyle and taste.

Custom homes also provide the flexibility to incorporate eco-friendly features and energy-efficient technologies, aligning your living space with modern sustainability standards while maintaining your unique style.

Survey Home: Cost and Convenience

Survey homes, on the other hand, are already built and available for purchase. They are typically more cost-effective and offer a quicker move-in process. However, they may require renovations to align with your preferences. However, they may require renovations to align with your preferences. This trade-off between customization and convenience allows you to choose the best option for your lifestyle and budget.

Custom Home: Design Flexibility

With a custom home, you have the freedom to work closely with architects and builders to create a unique design. Survey homes may have limitations in terms of layout and style, which could require compromises. This makes custom homes an ideal choice for those who want a truly personalized living space that matches their specific vision and needs.

Timing and Budget Considerations

Custom homes often take longer to build, and costs can be higher due to customization. Survey homes, being ready-made, are suitable if you need a home quickly or have a strict budget. Ultimately, the choice between custom and survey homes depends on your priorities, timeline, and financial considerations.

Custom Home: Resale Value

Both custom and survey homes can appreciate in value, but a well-designed custom home often has a unique selling point and can stand out in the real estate market. This distinctiveness can make it a desirable investment, potentially offering long-term financial benefits in addition to the immediate satisfaction of living in a tailored space.


The choice between a custom home and a survey home ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and timeline. If you're torn between a custom home and a survey home in Ontario, then contact Kreekside Construction Group Inc. We have experience in both custom builds and home renovations, ensuring that your choice aligns with your lifestyle and goals. Contact us today to discuss your dream home in Ontario.

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